Landscape With Value in Mind

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Real Estate

Staging the inside of your home is only part of selling it. You want curb appeal, that will grab potential buyers as they drive up to your house. You don’t need expensive structures to make your home picturesque and attractive. 


Neat and Clean! First of all, get everything cleaned and straightened. Go to the front and look at your house and yard with the eyes of a buyer. Bikes, sports equipment, and other outdoor paraphernalia should be put out of sight. Keep the lawn mowed and edged, and trim shrubs and bushes. If you have mulched areas, use fresh mulch. Replace any cracked or broken patio stones. You may need to pressure wash the house and or walkways.


Shrubbery and Flowers. If you need to add shrubs, you might consider flowering shrubs for springtime. Strategically placed potted plants can add a nice touch. If you already have some plant containers, but they are looking old or dingy, replace them with new ones. Spring flowers like petunias and pansies come in a variety of colors that can complement or accessorize the color of your home.


Spiff up the Porch. Your porch can have a huge effect on the looks of your house. Be sure it’s neat and clean. If the front door or the floor of the porch is dull, or the paint is cracked, you might want to repaint the door and/or refinish the floor, railings, steps, and other parts of the porch.


Plant a tree. If there’s a spot where even a small tree might look nice, that can add to your curb appeal. Go for dogwood trees, or others that have beautiful blossoms and interesting limb formations. Trees that grow larger will also help shade your home in the summer, and be a windbreak during storms.


Lighten Things Up. Try adding some outdoor lighting to your landscape. The choices in lighting are almost infinite. You can even get solar powered lights that don’t need wiring or batteries. Many forms of outside lighting have the added benefit of doubling as security lights.


Even if you aren’t thinking of selling at this time, when you landscape with value in mind, you help the value of the other homes in the neighborhood. Someday, maybe it will be time to sell, and you’ll be a step ahead of the game.